Sustainability matters

As a large British business working within key industries like automotive, construction and manufacturing, we have a huge opportunity – and responsibility – to shape our future environment. It is critical to run our companies in a responsible way that reduces our environmental impact and we are committed to operating as cleanly as possible.

The majority of our site energy comes from renewable sources and we are investing in technology to help our environment.

We run a fleet of Euro6 emissions-approved delivery vehicles and operate cycle to work and lift-share schemes.

We operate to a Group-wide, minimum waste recycling target of 55% every year and are working to improve this.

Our environmental policy

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We're always working on ways to improve our production processes and achieve a net zero target for carbon creation, across all of our companies. Achieving this will require bold transformations and that is why we are currently investing in state-of-the-art electric machinery to reduce our requirement for harmful oils and gasses. We are also continuing with our staff awareness programmes and monitoring energy savings throughout our businesses by insulating our premises and and educating our teams on best practice.

The reduction and avoidance of waste is critical to both our production and distribution businesses. In the last three years we have recycled over 5,000 tonnes of waste, achieving a minimum annual recycling rate of 55% each year. We are committed to sending as little waste as possible to landfill and ensure that the majority is reused, recycled or passed to third parties for approved disposal.

We also work with recycling specialists to convert site waste from much of our companies and offices into energy in the form of refuse-derived fuel for the generation of electricity. This helps protect our businesses and connected industries from rising energy prices, while at the same time helping us meet our waste and renewable energy targets.