Group charity

Our charity partnership with Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate cancer kills over 30 British men every single day and also affects the lives of millions more through grief, loss and illness.

Our support for Prostate Cancer UK is helping men and their families across the UK, now and for future generations.

Reflecting the wider trend in British engineering, the majority of our teams are male and we see this as a great opportunity to help tackle what is fast becoming the most common cancer in the UK.

One in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime and this figure increases to one in four for black men.

We want to support friends, families and colleagues who are going through their own prostate cancer journeys whether directly or by association. Everyone working at MJAllen Group and each of our companies wants to help fight this disease and save the men in our lives.

Men, we are with you.

I am proud to see the MJAllen Group become a force for good and support this cause. My grandfather, the founder of our business back in 1958, has been a sufferer of Prostate Cancer and has thankfully recovered. Many men do not have such good endings to their stories and there is no greater reminder that work isn't everything in this life. Every penny we raise is vitally important to the life-saving research and aftercare of Prostate Cancer UK. The more we can improve awareness in our staff, customers and partners, the better.

Ben Allen, Managing Director, MJAllen Group

The charity for our workforce

Prostate Cancer UK was chosen by our own employees after a Group-wide survey to find what topics were important to our teams. Our employees are a passionate force for good and we are committed to raising as much money as possible along with educating our own workforce on the signs and symptoms of this lethal disease.


We aim to raise funds through a variety of staff activities, supplier engagements and production agreements. The money raised will help fund charity activities including the best research, improvements in healthcare, quality support services and help drive change with policymakers. All this supports our employees, our communities and our customers.


We empower our people to be a force for good by sharing their own personal experiences of prostate cancer to help others and to have life-saving conversations. Our charity activity is a chance for us to educate and inform our teams about their health, looking to maintain a happy workforce and community.


We'll use this activity to ensure our teams have access to the latest support and care. Raising awareness, as well as funds, will help us to tackle issues before they become unmanageable. We will apply this additional care to our existing and ongoing health screening and medical plans as part of the wider care package we offer to our valued staff.